LIFX developer competition!

Interested in having your house filled with LIFX bulbs?

The rules are simple.

Create the best/coolest/most ingenious app, submit it to us before the deadline and we’ll choose a winner!

To this lucky person, you will receive enough bulbs to fill every light socket in your home as well as being promoted across all of our social channels to make sure everyone knows about your awesome app.

You have until the 25th of July to submit your app to us:

- PC/Mac, we will need a link to your code on GitHub

- iOS, Android, or WP8 apps will need to be submitted to their respective app stores by the 25th

If you’d like some ideas for inspiration, here are a couple we’ve received from our community –

Happy hacking :-)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 10.58.46 am

Firmware update

As part of LIFX’s commitment to further improving our product experience we have now released version 1.3 of our firmware. This update includes:

- Bulbs are faster and more responsive

- Improved color output

- Security improvements and various bug fixes

- Enabled support for exciting coming features

We have been testing and developing this over the last 6 months and are really happy with the improvements we have made. We expect you will get even more value and enjoyment from your LIFX bulbs with this update.

The firmware updater is available for download here.

Detailed Description

Bulbs are faster and more responsive

The message rate has increased from 5 messages per second to approximately 20 messages per second which is noticeable as even smoother dimming and color transitions, better effects and a faster startup time.

Improved color output

Warm whites are even warmer, color mixing at low brightness is more accurate and richer.

Security improvements and various bug fixes

Bulbs are discovered faster and more reliably by the app. Mesh reliability has been improved. There was a potential security issue regarding the distribution of network configuration details on the mesh radio but no LIFX users have been affected that we are aware of. As always we recommend that all users stay up to date with the latest firmware and app updates.

Enabled support for exciting coming features

Firmware improvements to provide back end functionality for alarms, remote access, notifications and other features in free app updates coming soon.